Full features list of Opero Documents.

Features Of Opero Documents for generating documents in Salesforce.

    Template Building

    • Merge any standard or custom object

    • Merge any field on the object

    • Merge any fields on related records from lookup field relationship.

    • Merge two levels of related records.

    • Filter criteria and sort for related list merge

    • Conditional merge sections/areas

      • Conditional formating

      • Including or not including text based on criteria

      • Conditionally brand output documents

    • Single-byte and double-byte characters supported

    • Support multiple languages with different templates

    • Multiple currency supported

    • Merge Images

    • Merge QR Code (using Google Chart APIs)

    • Manage Templates with Google Docs

      • Template is viewable and editable within Salesforce.

      • Import existing Word template and convert to google doc for easy start.

      • Easy to use and powerful word processing formating tools like Word.

      • Automatic version control, revision history/rollback.

      • Changes always saved, and current version used for new docs generated.

      • No need to re-upload and attach a new version in Word.

      • Collaborate with team internally with control on templates.

      • Page numbering dynamic

      • Merge multiple existing PDFs together with generated document.

      • Include dynamic linkable table of contents

    Document Actions

    • Document Outputs: PDF, Google Doc, docx, txt, rtf, odt, html

    • Preview document before distribution or attaching.

    • Email document automatically or with preview.

      • Email activity tracking standard with Salesforce.

    • Email a link to the document or as attachment.

    • Email a link to generate document on demand.

    • Save the Google Doc generated url to a custom field on your object

    • Set the google doc permissions to private, view, comment access by default.

    • Included Button/UI to select any template desired on demand.

    • Group Document Actions/templates and preselect group based on criteria

    • Create custom buttons to dynamically select correct template

      • And execute document action on demand with click of a button.

    • Reinitiate document creation and distribution anytime.

    • Auto delete the generated google doc after PDF generated.

    • Save new google docs generated to a specified folder.

    • Download generated document to browser.

    • Attach document to record.

    • Update a field on your object with a specified value.

    • Fax document using Opero Fax

    • Send document for Electronic Signature using Opero Signature or Docusign

    • Automate document generation using Flow, Process Builder, or Apex

    • Mass generate documents.

    • Generate 1 document every 5-10 seconds on average.

    • Enable generation of 7,500 documents per hour. Contact us for higher speed solutions.

    Using the Power of Google Docs

    • Generate a Google Doc based off the template and save the doc url to a field.

    • Collaborate with the team internally on the Google Doc using suggestion and comment features before sending to a customer.

    • The linked google doc is always going to show the current version. As changes are made its saved automatically in the cloud.

    • Email a link to the customer to view google doc or share with them.

    • Customer can redline, negotiate, comment, suggest on google doc.

    • Send the completed google doc for Electronic Signature using Opero Signature.




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  • Generate 10,000 documents per month included.

  • Increase document limit to 1,000 documents per user per month, read more.

  • Charged automatically with credit card or ACH

  • 3 users minimum required

  • Billed month-to-month

  • No annual contract