Opero Documents + Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Opero Documents generates your quotes, invoices, and more for Salesforce Revenue Cloud


October 21, 2021


What can you do with Opero Documents to enable Quote to Cash?

  • Generate documents on demand or automatically

  • Generate Invoice PDF documents in batch with Invoice Scheduler

  • Mass select Invoices from list view to mass generate Invoices

  • Generate Quotes, Contracts, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Sales Receipts

  • Collaborate internally on Quotes and Contracts

  • Negotiate with customers on Quotes and Contracts

  • Send documents via email or eSignature

Invoice Generation Speed

  • 5 page, 50 line Invoice PDF generates in average of 10 seconds

  • Generate 7,500 invoices per hour

  • Our development roadmap is targeting 30K invoices per hour

  • We also offer a feature to email a link to a customer to generate a document (Invoice) on demand bypassing the time constraints for very high volume needs. Important Features of Revenue Cloud

  • Support multiple languages with different templates

  • Support multiple currencies

  • Merge QR Code (using Google Chart APIs)

  • Manage default Terms and Conditions to merge into templates

  • Merge two levels of related records (ie Quote Groups w/ Lines, Invoice Lines w/Consumption)

Implementation and Configuration is easy

1. Install Opero Documents app from AppExchange with free trial. 2. Follow specific Revenue Cloud (CPQ/Billing) Implementation Documentation 3. Install “Opero Documents for Revenue Cloud” Unmanaged Package that includes: 1. Quote Template 2. Quote Template using Groups 3. Invoice Template 4. Email Templates: Email Quote, Email Invoice 5. Custom Buttons: Email Quote, Email Invoice 6. Custom Fields and Object for Terms 7. Process Builder for Invoice auto send using Invoice Scheduler 4. Modify templates and actions to apply to your business. 5. Use Knowledge Base for additional reference.