Opero Billing Solution for ISV Partners

Automate your subscription activation and billing processes with Opero and replace AppExchange Checkout or improve your existing process to provide self service features.


January 17, 2024


Use Opero Salesforce apps to allow your customers to:

  1. Collect customer information for the subscription agreement

  2. Generate the subscription agreement

  3. Electronically sign the subscription agreement

  4. Pay the activation fee via Credit Card or Bank Account (ACH)

  5. Save the customer payment method securely in their profile

  6. Automatically activate customer license in Salesforce License Management App (LMA)

  7. Automatically charge the customer for the recurring subscription billing

  8. Automatically generate and email invoices and payment receipts

  9. Manage credit card declines

  10. Provide customer ability to update their payment method and billing contacts

  11. Provide customer ability add/remove users and cancel

AppExchange Checkout to ISVForce Partnership

Opero provides the payment infrastructure integrated with the License Management App (LMA) needed to migrate from AppExchange Checkout to ISVForce Salesforce program.


In order to create all the features above you will need the following apps:

  1. Opero Documents: $7/user/month*

  2. Opero Signature: $7/user/month*

  3. Opero Forms: $50/month (not by user)

  4. Opero Payments: $100/month (not by user)

*Volume discounts available

Optionally if you don’t need some features above you may not need one of those apps.

Interested? Next Steps

  1. See these apps in action by installing and activating any of our apps

  2. We will refund you the activation fee after you cancel upon request

  3. Contact support for a demo or to help configure a trial in your org.

  4. Explore our apps, demo videos, and install trials.