Opero Stands with Ukraine and International Law

We will no longer sell to Russia.


December 06, 2021


Russia has violated the Budapest Memorandum signed by the USA and Russia. In this agreement Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons in exchange for security that if anyone invaded their country they would be defended. Russia has invaded and the USA should be defending Ukraine. Russia is invading a sovereign country without cause. Russia is also committing war crimes targeting civilians and preventing humanitarian aid from being received. Russia threatens the world with nuclear weapons if they interfere. Russia must be held accountable and international law must be upheld. 

We live in a time when individual people can make an impact by voting with their dollars and companies can make an impact by voting with their dollars. Opero supports international law and world peace. We will cease doing business with any company in Russia. Our impact is small but the cumulative impacts of many add up. People can stop buying from companies who are supporting Russia. 

In further efforts to support Ukraine, I have started a small non profit organization called Americans Helping Ukraine with my wife Olga Ramsey who is Ukrainian. Just among friends and friends of friends on social media we have raised over $50,000 in donations. We traveled to Hungary to go to the border with Ukraine in Zahony on March 3rd, 2022 to go figure out how to help refugees. We have identified how we can help the most and are providing hostel beds to refugees arriving from the border for 1-5 nights. Read more on our organization website

I urge everyone to do what they can to support world peace and international law. And right now that means supporting Ukraine. If you want to support read more here