Announcing Opero Forms

Collect customer data easily to improve your process.


December 06, 2021


Opero introduces its newest Salesforce Apps today, Opero Forms. Opero Forms creates a seamless experience to securely collect customer data with forms. One of the most exciting features of Opero Forms is the integration capability with the rest of the Opero Suite. Opero Forms now provides an easy solution in partnership with the Opero suite.


“Many customers of Opero Signature needed to collect information from their customers either before or after signing. We historically had to refer them to another product. We wanted to design a form solution that takes advantage of the power and flexibility of Salesforce. Now, with Opero Forms, collecting data via web forms will simply solve for this very common business need. Along with our other apps in the Opero suite, we have added additional important functionality.” Travis Ramsey, Opero CEO


Opero Forms includes many features that will continue to automate your process in Salesforce. Here are some of the highlights of Opero Forms:  

Easy configuration Configure your forms easily within Salesforce. Using the power of Salesforce Flows you can configure your custom processes when a form response is received.

Automate data collection Automate processes post form collection. The form response remains related to records, which allows you to update fields on the same records using the power of Salesforce Flows. All form responses are saved directly in your Salesforce org keeping your data private and secure.

Automatically generate documents After a form submission, configure your process to auto generate a document. Redirect your customer to download the file generated or use Opero Documents to generate a Google doc. 


Automatically generate a contract and accept eSignature Collect any data from a customer prior to generating your contract document using Opero Documents. Generate the eSignature document and serve that contract for signature after form submission using Opero Signature.

Collect data after eSignature Configure Opero Signature to redirect to a Form to collect data after they have accepted the contract via eSignature.

Get payment before or after form response Configure a process to redirect to a Payment page with Opero Payments after a form submission. Or configure the payment page to direct to a Form after payment.

Opero Forms is now the sixth app offering from Opero available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Try Opero Forms today for free.